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2016 National Rifle & Pistol Matches: NRA (OTC) Week – Camp Perry, OH

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Camp Perry 2016 -1



2016 National Rifle & Pistol Matches: NRA (OTC) Week

Three MN Highpower shooters [Kevin Bangen, Brad Yliniemi (1st Trip) and I] made the trek to Camp Perry for the 2016 National Championships.  We joined MSGT Matt Griffin (USAFR) and SSG Lorne Smith (USAR), who were shooting for their respective Service Teams.  As an aside, congratulations are due to Matt. During CMP week, he achieved (yet another) Presidents 100 ranking.  As it turned out, the 5 of us were squaded within a few points of each other every day.

When we arrived, we were greeted by several surprises.  After 5-6 years of shooting the OTC Championship on the Viale range, we learned that we would be shooting on the Rodriguez Range.  We also saw that our Ohio Nat’l Guard hosts had made “improvements” to the firing points, raising them several feet.  While they were more even than before, they were a little narrow and a lot short on live grass.  Thankfully, we shot four days with clear skies.  We were also surprised to see that the 2017 dates will be almost a month earlier than this year.

For the 1st time since the 80’s, the three 800 point matches were shot on three (long) days.  The Rumbold Team Match was moved from before the individual matches to after.


Highlights of the individual matches:


Day 1:

Brad leads off with a fine 192-3x in the Members Trophy (standing).  Kevin (189-4x) and Lorne (189-1x) are close behind.

Kevin puts up a big “x” count (199-14) in the Scott Trophy (Sitting RF)

Matt cleans (200-9x) the Coast Artillery Trophy (Prone RF)

Matt goes clean again (200-13x – 3rd overall) in the Army Cup (600 SF)

Barb Bangen gets Shanghai’ed once again into helping with the match, this time as a volunteer scorer.


Day 1 Aggregate (Vandenberg Cup)

Matt 779-34x

Brad 784-24x

Kevin 783-34x

Lorne 769-17x


Day 2:

Matt puts up a 195-7x in the Navy Cup (standing).  Brad (193-6x) improves over yesterday.

Matt is clean again (200-11x) in the Coast Guard Trophy (Sitting RF).  Kevin’s down 1 (199-10x).

Everyone drops 2 or 3 in the Marine Corps Cup (Prone RF)

Matt upholds his Service’s honor (200-11x) in the Air Force Cup (600 SF).  Mark is down one (199-6x).


Day 2 Aggregate (Nevada Trophy)  

Matt 793-36x

Brad 784-36x

Kevin 778-32x

Lorne 777-20x (High Master Score !!)


Day 3:

Brad & Matt tie at 194-5x in the Crescent Cup (standing).

Matt puts up a big 200-14x in the Appreciation Cup (Sitting RF).  Brad matches his “x” count (199-14x).

Matt cleans (200-7x) the Marine Corps Cup (Prone RF).  Kevin is down 1 (199-6x).

Matt finishes with flying colors (200-1x) in the Crowell Trophy (600SF).  Mark is again one point from a clean (199-7x).


Day 3 Aggregate (Clarke Trophy)  

Matt 794-37x

Brad 779-35x

Kevin 774-18x

Lorne 773-17x


Final Score Highlights

Clarke Trophy (total RF scores) – Kevin totals 1190-47 (1200 possible)

Centenary Trophy (total Prone SF scores) – Matt’s 600-35x is 2nd to Aggregate National Champion Norm Houle’s 600-38x.  No other shooter scores a clean 600 points.  Mark’s 595-20x puts him in the top 10%.


Total Scores

Matt 2366-107x (9th Service Rifle, 14th overall)

Brad 2347-95x

Kevin 2335-84x

Lorne 2319-54x


On Thursday the 50 shot Rumbold Team Match was the final event.  Cap’n Bob Peasley arrived a day early for the LongRange Matches and joined Brad, Kevin & Mark on the MRRA Team.  When the dust settled, our 1903-47x placed us 4th overall.

We ended our day with the annual upper Midwest dinner at the local Japanese Hibachi restaurant and a quick stop for the world’s best ice cream.

All in all, it was another great year of shooting with my Minnesota friends & seeing shooters I’ve met over my previous 9 years at Camp Perry.  


See you all again in ’17!





CLICK HERE to read Mark Havlik's Match Report on CMP Week at Camp Perry.


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