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2016 National Rifle & Pistol Matches: CMP Week – Camp Perry, OH

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Camp Perry 2016 - Mark Havlik

2016 National Rifle & Pistol Matches: CMP Week

I knew we would be in for a rough day Sunday morning as my glasses fogged up when I stepped out of our motel room.  We were on our way to check in at CMP central and also receive our firing point and really assignments for squadded practice.  Check in was uneventful, unfortunately practice ended before it started as a storm rolled in forcing a range evacuation.

The bright point on Sunday was Tom Torberg finishing 23rd overall in the M16 match and winning his first 4 leg points.  It should be noted, we made sure Tom received his sprinkles for being a winner.

Monday morning's weather started warm and overcast.  The storms which plagued us Sunday moved out and the overcast skies cleared as the day when on.  

My first train wreck of the week happened when we arrived at the range.  I discovered I had left my shooting coat back at the motel room.  A mad dash back to the motel followed by a mad dash back to Camp Perry ensued.  I skidded into the first parking spot I saw, loaded my gear on my stool and hustled myself to the 200 yard line on Viale for role call.  Surprisingly, I not only made it in time, I wasn't the last guy to show up.  Matt Griffin was the only Minnesotan to make the cut for the President's 100 coming in at 40th. (congratulations Matt)  By some quirk of fate, we were squadded together on point 56. 

I ended the day with my best President's finish yet, 290th place with the rest of the Minnesota delegation behind me.

Tuesday brought the NTI and another beautiful day.  Shooting went without any major surprises.  Matt Griffin continued his winning ways being the only Minnesotan making the cut.  The rest of us having nothing to brag about.  South Dakota's Arron Guliuzza, who's been shooting in our local matches for the last few years made the cut and received his final points for his Distinguished Badge.

Wednesday's Hearst Doubles match has always been a fun match.  This year I was paired up with Jay Salinas.  Jay shot his M14 for the President's and NTI, but for the Hearst he was shooting his new optic AR.  Jay was giddy as a schoolboy with the ease his new rifle shot and again when he saw the size of his group at 300. Unfortunately, opposite direction knobs on his new scope and elevation errors on my part cost us points. 

We didn't have enough people to have a team for the NTT so I hired myself out as a pit puller to the Illinois team.  I think Larry Weidel and Mark Schoess shot the Carbine match, with Mark having mechanical issues.

Thursday evening we decided to do a touristy thing and take the jet boat over to Put In Bay.  We visited the "world's longest bar" (a big disappointment), listened to some really bad house bands, consumed (at least some of us) copious amounts of alcohol and road around the island in a backfiring golf cart.

Friday brought Jay and I home.  Once again Service Rifle Week past too quickly.  Well, there's always next year.


CLICK HERE  to read Mark Rohmann's Match Report from OTC week at Camp Perry.

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