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2016 Emerald Cup – Tullamore, Ireland

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*It's a big deal, or at least I think so, when the opportunity comes up to shoot a match in a different country. Pat Scully was able to do just that, and participated in the 2016 Emerald Cup in Ireland. The following is his take on the event... 


I was in Ireland last week shooting my first match on the united states f-open team. Here is a quick summary of the match.

Day 1 was a day to put our rifles and gear together after getting it out of the shipping boxes. The ammo, we all seated our bullets long so a quick trip through a Wilson die did the job in about an hour. Put our scopes on the rifles. Put our Sebs together and headed out on the range to get our zeros on the Palma course. Everything seemed good for all of our team guys, as well as for Nancy and Michelle our coaches. So it was back to the clubhouse for lunch and beverages.

Day 2 was an informal match shot from 1200 yards. We all had five shots each at a clay pigeon. If you hit the clay you got three shots at an egg. I think Nancy was the only one to hit them both. That woman can shoot. The winners in f-open and t/r each were given a bottle of Tullamore dew whiskey. Tullamore dew is made in the town we stayed in and as I found out can make you get lost on your way home after a long night at the pub.

Day 3 was the first day of a two day individual match. After two days of practice and an informal 1200 yard match, we were all itching to get started with the reason we made the trip. We shot the Palma course. Pair firing is always fun. We all shot well dropping only a couple points at 800 and 900 combined. Then the wind started blow a bit at 1000 and Dan Bramley showed us all how to get it done. At the end of day one Bramley had a 6 point lead, I was in second and Draggoo was in third. We were all happy with three U.S. guys in the top spots. So it was off to the pubs.

Day 4 started out just like day 3. Each of the U.S. guys dropping only a couple points at 800 and 900 combined. At a 1000 the wind picked up again and got very switchy. We had to hold out to the 6 ring on each side of the target to try and keep up with it while pair firing. At the end of the day Bramley worked us over once again. The final results were Dan Bramley first, myself second and Dwayne Draggoo third.

Day 5 was the team match. Once again the Palma course. The wind was blowing pretty good, so it was nice to have coaches. Michelle and Nancy did a great job and coached us to the win. I would like to note that at the last minute our scheduled fourth shooter couldn't make the trip. So we had Madison Bramley shoot with us. Dans 14 year old daughter did a great job. Even having to change out the trigger on her rifle she stayed composed and shot very well.

To wrap up, I would urge all of you F-class guys to go through the tryout process, and do your best to get on the development team. If you make it, you get to take trips like this one and meet some great people. The Irish are the best of the best.  


See you at the range,

Pat Scully


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