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How to Design a Blog

Last updated on January 25th, 2020 at 11:09 am


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Disclaimer:  Please note, the following information contains affiliate links.  If you choose to make purchases using these links, I will receive a small commission.  I currently use or have used every service, company, or product that is listed.  Life Of A Shooter’s Wife™ is independently owned  and all endorsements are based on my personal satisfaction and trust in said affiliates.  Life Of A Shooter’s Wife™ is in no way responsible for any purchases, experience, or outcome you may have with said companies, and you accept full responsibility as the consumer of said affiliate links.



Great design is one of the most important parts of your blog.  It will be the foundation for your business and all your ideas, so you will want it to be easy to look at and easy to navigate.  If you have those two things covered,  you'll be able to retain and build your readership faster. 



The company I chose to use for my blog theme is cssigniter.  They have over 70 themes for every type of business and idea. All of their themes are customizable, so it's easy to add your own personal flair to make it your own. Pricing for their themes is very affordable and they frequently offer discounts for new members. I took advantage of their Black Friday Sale and got 50% OFF my entire purchase. Most companies offer 2 versions of each theme, a free and a paid version. Free versions are basic and you are limited in what you can do and customize. Paid versions, or sometimes referred to as "Pro", offer more layout options, customization choices, and usually Technical support. Being a novice at web design and blogging, I opted for the Pro version.  


CLICK HERE for details about the Olsen Theme

CLICK HERE for a full preview of the Olsen Theme 




Along with many theme options, cssigniter offers top-notch Technical Support. They have forums specific to each theme, and you'll have access to them after signing up. The forum archives will show every question that's been asked by other members, so you will probably be able to find many answers without having to ask. The forums are also a great resource for finding more ideas for your own theme. Here's my Testimonial that is on their website:


Just a side note: When I first started my blog, I was using a different company's theme. Without knowing how important EASILY ACCESSIBLE technical support is, I sometimes had to wait more than a day to receive help. So, no matter what theme you decide to use, make sure you fully understand what each company's procedures are for technical support. If they are located overseas, you'll want to know that too, especially if there is a significant time difference.  



Here's whats included in every theme purchase:


After you pick your theme, you will need to download it.  


You can now activate your theme and begin customizing it.


The left side bar of your Admin Page is where you will find most of the tools necessary to build and design your blog. If you would like to know more about add-on features, such as Plugins for your website, you can find that information here.


NEXT, Go to Appearance - Customize, and you will be brought here, where you will set-up and design your Home/Static Page. This will be the back bone of your blog that will connect to all your content, so make sure to keep that in mind when you design it. You will be able to try out different options and see how they look before you publish your blog.


Whichever theme you decide to use, be creative and have fun!  And most of all... take your time. Don't rush your design just so you can get it up and running. Make sure you test EVERY link, page, and post to make sure everything is working correctly. There's nothing worse than discovering a week later that something on your blog isn't working. This can frustrate and make it hard for people to navigate your blog. Trust me! You'll thank yourself in the end, and so will your readers.


CLICK HERE for details about the Olsen Theme

CLICK HERE for a full preview of the Olsen Theme


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