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2018 Palma Alliance Postal League

Last updated on January 25th, 2020 at 10:52 am



Attention Palma Shooters: The 2018 Palma Alliance Postal League is live!


The intent of this league is to promote friendly competition between Palma shooters in different parts of the world who normally do not get to compete against each other on a regular basis.  The basic idea is this:

League participants will compete in all of the matches that they would normally shoot during a season.  Participants will send me match results from all NRA approved/registered matches they shoot that include either 600 or 1000-yard stages.  If you shoot a 3×600 Mid Range match, it would count for 60 shots in the 600 agg.  I will log all scores on a master league spreadsheet, and shooters will be ranked based on percentage.

There will be 3 separate season aggregates, 600-yard, 1000-yard, and Palma.  All participants will be automatically entered into all 3 aggs.  Examples; if you shoot a 300, 500, and 600 Mid Range match, the 600-yard stage would count towards the 600 agg.  A Palma match would count towards the Palma agg, and the 1000-yard stage would also count towards the 1000-yard agg.  All you need to do is send me your scores and I will get them entered into the right place.  The minimum required number of shots to qualify for each agg will be as follows:


600-yards: 400 shots

1000-yards: 300 shots

Palma: 225 shots


I realize that this is a lot of shots.  The reason for the large aggs is to lessen the impact of the inevitable good & bad luck days that we all have in order to get a better look at consistency over time between shooters.  There is no maximum number of shots.  After shooters have reached the qualifying numbers listed above, they should continue to send scores to be included in their aggregates.  Since the rankings will be based on percentage, we will be able to compare unequal numbers of total shots in a way that is reasonably fair.  Shooters who do not reach the minimum shot numbers are still encouraged to participate.  Some of us live in areas with no easy access to a 1000-yard range, or even a 600-yard range, so not everyone will reach the qualifying number.  Fear not, I will track all scores regardless of whether you reach the minimums; you just won’t be eligible to win one of the aggs until you do.  There is no other penalty for not reaching the minimums, and it is perfectly fine if you don’t qualify for one or more.  The season will run until October 15th, so there will be a lot of time to try to reach the required numbers.



  1. All matches must be fired with iron sighted Palma rifles chambered in .308 (156 grain bullets or less) or .223 (81 grain bullets or less).
  2. Only scores from NRA approved or NRA registered matches shot on the MR (600 yard) and LR (1000yard) targets are accepted. (Sorry, no club or “fun” match scores will be accepted)
  3. Only scores fired in individual matches will be accepted, no team scores allowed for this league.
  4. Participants must submit all scores from qualifying matches to the league manager in a timely fashion.  No cherry picking of scores is allowed. If you shoot the score, send it in.
  5. Match results must be in the form of either a copy of the official match results bulletin, or a clear & legible photo of final scoreboard.
  6. Shooters can join the league at any time, but only scores shot after a shooter’s join date will be counted.  In other words, you can’t join today and submit your scores from last weekend.


Rule #4 will be hard to enforce, but I think we are all honorable people.  If you have a bad day and shoot a bad score, send it in.  If you don’t send it in and another postal league shooter happens to be at the same match, I’m going to notice when they send their score in.  I reserve the right to amend the rules as needed.  I’ve never run something like this before, and I’m sure things will come up that I have not yet thought of.  When they do, I will do my best to come up with a simple and fair resolution.  I will be doing this in my spare time, so please try to keep things as un-complicated as possible.  I will send occasional updates via email, and will post more regular updates on the Palma Alliance Facebook page, found here:



There is no cost to join the league.  If response is good enough do it again, I will re-evaluate that policy and think about getting trophies, etc made for 2019.  For this year, the prizes will consist of bragging rights and glory.  To join the league, send your name and email address to me at:



I think this will be a lot of fun, and we will have a ton of interesting data to look at when the season ends.


May the best shooters win!


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