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May 20-21, 2017: MN Service Rifle Championship and EIC Leg Match – Northwestern Gun Club – Duluth, MN



I made the trip to NWGC Sunday morning to shoot in the EIC Leg match. I found myself questioning my sanity as the weather went from light mist to heavy rain the entire trip. North West Gun Club is a beautiful facility, and I’ve always had an excellent time shooting there. I was pleased to find the sky, while still overcast, was the brightest it had been all morning when I arrived at the range.

When the smoke cleared, and all our soggy equipment was put away, Jeff Jezierski (Distinguished) was declared match winner with an excellent 487-13X. Randy (Ocho no Bueno) Blaha took the Silver Medal and the Bronze and only Leg with a 472-13X(?). I took my second Bronze Medal and second first leather of the season with a 470-11X.

It should be noted that Randy shot an 81-0 in standing, then finished the match firing a 198-?X at 500. Randy shot an 8 on his 17th shot, thus the new nickname. This is Randy’s second EIC and his second Bronze Leg of the year. 



Northwestern Gun Club
2017 MN Service Rifle Championship

The weather for the match was cold and soggy with periods of heavy mist. Only twelve shooters were hard enough to survive the weather. Match Director Loren Smith got the match started on time, kept the match moving in spite of the weather and we finished around 13:00.


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