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August 12-13, 2017: Summer High Power Matches 2017 – Bismarck/Mandan Rifle and Pistol Association

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2017 Summer Matches


FIRED August 12 and 13, 2017


Article by Tom Thompson


Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2017 Summer High Power Matches on August 12 and 13, 2017. Our turnout was a little lower this year probably because we had just about a record rain fall on Saturday morning. But after a 2 hour delay we were able to get in the M1 Garand Club Championship and the Palma match.

Once again – a BIG thanks again goes out to our line officer for the M1 Garand, Long Range and Over-the-Course events – Bob Cunningham. Bob also posted most of the scores. I REALLY appreciate Bob’s help because I would not be able to fire the events if I didn’t have his help – THANKS again.

Congratulations to our 2017 Bismarck/Mandan M1 Garand Club Champion – Garth Weber from Valley City. Garth fired an impressive 268-4x over the 300 point course. This was good enough for the Club Champ and a Bronze CMP Medal. Also to note – Ryan Holien fired the high score in the Garand match (260-10x) firing his 6BRX (and good enough for a bronze medal in the “Modern Military/Anything Goes” category). Jim Ladwig from Argusville fired a 267-3x for a Bronze Medal.

As stated, Saturday morning started with a rain storm – just like last year – I think we had close to 2 ½ inches in the rain gauge when Saturday was done. This delayed the start of the day about 2 hours. Once things cleared – we got underway with our usual breezy morning – challenging for offhand. And of course when we finally got the Palma match underway it was windy – not too bad – a head on wind from the east which did make for some rather challenging conditions for long-range.

Congratulations to our Palma match winners – Neil Jensen (432-15x) in Conventional and Brian Suhr (441-13x) in the F-Open class. We only had 1 F-TR shooter at the match – so Roger had to be combined with the F/O class. I also had an “Any Rifle” class for the sling shooters that don’t have a 308 Palma Rifle. Ryan Holein took that class with a 433-13x shooting the 6.5×284. We welcome a new shooter – Brad Bachman joined us for his first F-Class match at our range. Welcome aboard Brad – hope you can make some more events this summer.

We had a great day on Sunday for the over-the-course match – a little cool to start the day (I actually kept my shooting sweatshirt on for much of the day) and not much wind – by the time the last string of 600 was being fired – the wind had dropped to just about ZERO (No kidding!). Russ Theurer fired a 775/800 for the match win. Tom Thompson was first in the combined High Master/Master class with a 773/800. Tom Headrick was first in the combined Expert/Marksman class with a 743/800.



The FINAL High Power event at our range this year will be the Northern Great Plains Regional Championship the weekend of September 9 and 10. This event is a 2 day, 100 shots for record, NRA Long Range Regional Event for Conventional, F-Open and the F-Target Rifle Classes. We will shoot 3 – 20 shot matches on Saturday, and 2 – 20 shot matches on Sunday (with unlimited sighters for each match – so make sure you bring enough ammo). All matches will be fired from 1000 yards. Please plan to attend – pass the word and bring a friend along. This is also the weekend of the United Tribes International Powwow in Bismarck – so hotel rooms are tight. Therefore, if you plan to attend this 2 day event – start making your hotel reservations now! I sure would like to give away a lot of Regional Medallions at the Regional event. I need 5 shooters in a category for the Gold, 10 for the Silver and 15 shooters for the Bronze Medallion – so get your shooting buddies lined up and plan to attend.

Like I say every year – summers are short and winters are long in this part of the country (wow – they are sooo short). We ONLY have 5 more High Power events this YEAR. So make your plans and save the dates. The remaining match schedule is listed below.


9/9/17 Bismarck/Mandan


Thanks again and I hope to see everyone at the rest of the events this season.

Tom Thompson

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