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Elk River Sportsman’s Club F-Class League 600 Yard League

Last updated on April 15th, 2018 at 10:10 am

Hi Everyone,
We have gotten off to a good start on the number of participants for our Monday night matches. It is really exciting to see all the new shooters that have invested the time and money that it takes to have equipment that will function well for their F-class rifles. 

One of the topics that was discussed in the orientation class and also brought up during our sight-in nights at 100 & 300 yards was that we must make sure there are no bullets that impact the ground prior to hitting the target or berm directly behind the target. Last night (5/16) we had several shooters that either skipped their first shots or were very high above the impact area of the berm. From this point forward, we will be requiring the scorer to be sure to watch the bullet trace and impact area of the target on the first round fired by each shooter to ensure that the scope settings are set for 600 yards. We will ask you to stop shooting immediately if you do not hit the target on your first shot.

What this requires you to do is to make sure your rifle and scope have the proper elevation setting for 600 yards prior to coming to the line. If you have used the rifle/scope combination to shoot a different distance than 600 yards in the last week, go to the 100 yard line prior to 5:30 and make sure you have a known zero for that distance. Everyone should have written down the number of minutes necessary to come up from their 100 yard zero during our sight-in nights. If you are shooting a new load or different bullet than previous weeks, go to the 100 yard line and confirm that your POI has not changed.
I appreciate everyone coming out to make this a fun evening with the shooting and social aspects of like-minded people. Please do your part to help ensure ERSC maintains the ability to keep the doors open for all of us to continue having this opportunity.

*If you would like to participate in this Monday night league, full details are now posted to the Calendar on this website.


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