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Secrets of Liberty

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Secrets of Liberty

So, there's this social media outlet called Twitter, I'm sure you've heard of it, and it's become the fastest and most efficient way to let the world know what you're thinking.  It's amazing how much information people are able to squeeze into just 140 characters.  Unfortunately, it has also become the dumping ground for internet trolls, pornography, death threats, the overly-opinionated, and a lot of misinformation.  Proof of that can be seen on a minute-by-minute basis; as each person is trying to out-do the other with the latest "Breaking News" and quick-witted responses.  More than ever, the last several months have brought a rise in the "Hollywood Elite", voicing their sometimes violent vitriol against President Trump.

There is a bright side to all this media madness, and that's the rise of strong, conservative people.  Helping to give a platform for these voices is Secrets of Liberty, hosted by Kevin and Amy Bree, which can also be found on Twitter at @Secrets_Liberty

Secrets of Liberty was started with the hopes of reminding everyone of the conservative values that America was founded upon.  A single sentence on their website sums this up, "In many of today’s typical social circles, these words have been buried by the years since their utterance and distorted by misinterpretation, or worse, misrepresentation".  By sharing these founding principles on their website, they hope to encourage others to come forth and speak about "the liberty of our great nation, the United States of America".  They've even dedicated an entire section of their website to include all of our country's Founding Documents.  

The most recent addition to Secrets of Liberty is their podcast series titled, "Faces in the Feed".  With the clutter and noise that seems to permeate Twitter, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle.  As a way to bring these voices to the forefront, the Faces in the Feed Podcast is connecting voices with the faces that you see on a daily basis in your Twitter Feed.  Because even if you can get your point across in one or two sentences, hearing the voice behind those words and profile picture brings even more power and clarity. 

I was honored and humbled when I was asked to be a part of this podcast series.  My hope is that people will really feel my convictions, and know that I stand behind everything I write.  Make sure you also listen to their first interview, which was with Scott Presler.  Scott is a much-needed breath of fresh air; a conservative that sets the bar higher for all of us, and helps to dispel many of the myths and stereotypes that are continually projected by liberals and the main stream media.   

I'm hopeful that Faces in the Feed will become an important outlet in spreading the message of Liberty; bringing life to conservative voices by way of a platform that's more than just 140 characters and a profile picture. 


Secrets of Liberty website: secretsofliberty.com | Twitter @Secrets_Liberty

Kevin Bree: Twitter @KB5Patriot

Amy Bree: Twitter @breetallyhonest

Scott Presler: Twitter @ScottPresler










Faces in the Feed Podcast Interview


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