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Upcoming Match – June 11-12, 2016: NRA Service Rifle Championship

Last updated on January 25th, 2020 at 11:15 am


North Star Rifle Range

Red Wing, MN


Greetings NRA & Service Rifle Shooters:

Attached you should find a doc file containing the program for the combined NRA & service rifle championship. It's my belief that this still remains the primo high power event in Minnesota. Mainly because that's how the high power game started and there are more trophies for this event than any other in Minnesota. There are traveling trophies for residents for standing, sitting RF, 300 yd RF & 600 yd slow fire. You can get your name on any/all of these shooting either service rifle or match rifle and you get to take it home for a year!  n addition there is a match rifle trophy & service rifle trophy for the aggregate in either of those. Winners also get a very nice plaque to keep. If a non resident wins any/all matches they get the same plaque saying NON RESIDENT winner.
North Star has a remodeling project underway and it's unlikely that will be completed prior to June 11 so we are temporarily limited to 16 targets or 48 shooters. In the event we have over 48 PRE REGISTRATIONS I will go to 4 relays. However I will NOT accept over 48 if you walk in at 0800 if we are full. It takes to long to re-squad. Sooooooooooo if you intend to shoot I STRONGLY urge you to pre register. It's much easier to remove you at the last minute that to add you.
When you send your entry be sure to mark which type rifle you will shoot, service or match. I will do my best to get all the SR shooters on 1 relay and all HM match shooters on another, but this only works if you pre register.
The same applies to teams. If we have 8 teams or less we can double space and give you more room to pair fire and have a coach. I don't need all the team member names, just the name of your team.
Thanks & I look forward to a swell weekend of shooting!
Bob Peasley

CLICK HERE... for match bulletin. 

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