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Support The 2019 US Palma Team!

Last updated on January 25th, 2020 at 10:51 am


2018 US National Rifle Team - taken at the 2018 DCRA Canadian Fullbore National Championships this past August.



Greetings Friends and Family!


As some of you already know, my husband, along with other Palma shooters from across the US, have been training for the last several years to be a firing member of the US Palma Team.  Having officially reached that goal, this skilled group of shooters is now tasked with the great honor of representing the United States at the 2019 World Long Range Championships in New Zealand!  This is an expensive trip, and due to a lack of funding from the NRA, the team is now left with a substantial financial burden.



I have started this fundraiser, along with Team Captain Norm Anderson, to help raise money towards team expenses.  This is NOT a personal fundraiser for myself or my husband.  ALL donations will go directly into a business account for the team, and be handled only by the Team Captain, Norm Anderson.  None of the funds collected will be used for any personal expenses incurred by individual team members.    



Official Palma Team Announcement



Please read the full fundraiser, and THANK YOU in advance for taking time to support the 2019 US Palma Team!

GoFundMe: Send The Team To New Zealand For The 2019 Long Range World Championships


Seddon Range - Trentham, Upper Hutt, New Zealand.



*DISCLAIMER* - 100% of donations received will be deposited into the team account, which is managed by Team Captain Norman Anderson, and will help to off-set all expenses related to this trip.  This fundraiser is NOT affiliated with the NRA, Palma Promotions, the CMP, the U.S. Army, or the USAMU.  The Campaign Organizer is Mia Rhode and will not be the recipient of any funds collected.



In 1876, the USA invited countries from around the world to send their finest rifle shooters to compete in a long-range rifle match to commemorate the 100th anniversary of our great nation.  Four answered the call, as Australia, Canada, Scotland, and Ireland sent their very best teams of marksmen to the Creedmoor Range on Long Island, New York.  The 5 teams competed at 800, 900, and 1000 yards, in what would turn out to be the very first Palma match.  This match started a great tradition of competition and fellowship that has remained strong among these original countries and many others.


142 years of shooting has brought many changes to the sport, but the Palma Match continues even now as a world championship event held every 4 years, and rotates between 6 different countries.  The USA won that Inaugural Match, and has won it 14 more times since.  The next Palma Match will take place in New Zealand in February of 2019, and the USA has assembled its best Palma shooters and coaches from all over the United States.  These men and women have put their heart and soul into the pursuit of excellence in this sport, and look forward to representing their country in this historic match.


For many years, the US NRA has funded Team USA’s overseas travel to compete in the Palma Match.  This year, the NRA has decided to cease funding, and unfortunately, this news comes very late in the world championship cycle.  With only 4 months left before departure, this has left Team USA in a precarious position.  The members of the team come from all walks of life, and have varying financial means.  The high cost of this trip is enough to prevent some team members from being able to participate, and it could prevent the US from fielding the best team it has to offer.   


The total cost to get all 27 members of the team and staff to New Zealand for the 2+ weeks of matches is $150,000.  That’s a lot of money!  Any donations made to this campaign will go to the team, not to individual members.  All funds raised will be used by the team to offset the costs of match entry fees ($800/team member), lodging ($1000/member), ground transportation ($1000/member), airfare ($2000/member) and meals/incidental expenses.  These are not paid positions, and each team member invests a great personal expense, in both time and money, to reach the skill level required to even be considered for this team.  


Team USA took home the silver medal in the 2015 Palma Match, and the 2019 Team has it’s sights set on nothing less than gold.   You can help Team USA bring the Palma Trophy back home to the USA by donating to this campaign.


Every donation helps, and no amount is too small to make a difference.




2019 US Palma Team

Not pictured: Kerry Spurgin, David Littlefield, Emil Praslik, Gary Rasmussen


GoFundMe: Send The Team To New Zealand For The 2019 Long Range World Championships


The 2019 United States Palma Team thanks you for your continued support and donation!


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