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Last updated on October 18th, 2017 at 01:24 pm


Official Page of the 2017 Palma Alliance


You are cordially invited to join the Palma Alliance.  Founded in 2017, we are a coalition of US prone shooters who have banded together to make American prone shooting great again.  These brave men and women have sworn a solemn blood oath to shoot only Palma rifles with iron sights and 155-grain bullets for Long Range and Mid Range Prone matches – the way God intended it.  As the 2019 World Long Range Championship approaches, we feel that this strategy will help prepare prone shooters for the unique challenges associated with shooting this platform in international competition.  

Membership in this prestigious club is free, and all members will receive limited edition commemorative “2017 PALMA ALLIANCE” stickers to proudly display on their rifles.  In addition to the free sticker, all member names will be forever etched in granite on the hallowed walls of Valhalla.  The names of these heroes will ring out through all eternity.






To join, email your name and address to Erik Rhode: erhode_1@charter.net

Official "2017 Palma Alliance" polos and t-shirts are now available for purchase!




*On Saturday morning, August 26th, Palma Alliance Founding Father and Chief Justice Steve Knutson, along with original member #4 Jay Johnson both renounced their memberships to the Alliance in order to pursue happiness with 6mm rifles and scopes. While this was a dark day in Alliance history, we will carry on with our remaining 50 members and continue to walk the straight path.

Farewell brothers, you are dead to us.

Erik Rhode – President, 2017 Palma Alliance




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